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Will 6 Month Suspension Work Better than Permaban in Reducing Bots in WOW?

Recently, Blizzard has taken action against the use of robots to play World of Warcraft account. As punishment, the players who use robots in the game can now be suspended within six months, rather than a permanent ban. When the robot and liars have such a negative impact, why punish even minor changes? Read on for details.

Robot used in World of Warcraft now get six months suspended

Because a lot of WOW players use third-party programs, called "robot" to avoid actually play the game. Blizzard actions recently taken from their accounts, PVP currency remove wow gold and equipped to fight against this type of fraud. However, instead of the previous permanent ban, liar now been given the use of a six-month suspension of the robot. Many players, including me, maybe you've always wondered why the penalty when cornering, the robot will have a negative impact in the game, even if it is subtle.
To clear the confusion, community manager, lore explains that according to various studies, work stoppages by the same person convicted than permabans avoid, because when these people return to their accounts, they will be less likely to risk losing your account again. "Sociological pocus has lying behind some very interesting, but from what I understand, TLDR if botter GET permabanned, they usually only buy the new account, and directly back to the zombies, however, if we just suspend them - which means they You will get their account back later - they're less likely to buy a new addition, once they get their accounts back, they are highly unlikely to re-BOT "

If there is a more severe punishment, in order to reduce roaming?

When the ban was announced in the first six months of the start, the players have shown a different point of view, it was said, Blizzard should accept botters as part of the game, while others argue that a more severe punishment should be given severe blow botters . Personally, in order to ensure that players have an equal and fair competitive environment, it is necessary to Blizzard's action to prevent the robot in the World of Warcraft. The only concern is whether it is for a period of six months the ban is not permanent ban more effective. It was suggested that there should be a little more than six months, so that more players will avoid the use of robots, if they do not want to miss the Legion, a bit like the beginning of a joke expansion, but it is reasonable to a certain extent.

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Do you think a six-month ban will help more, or if your previous permanent ban or a more severe punishment would be better? Time will tell us that this is a better and secure economic system would be far away, so you can buy safe wow gold Safewow and enjoy the game in a fair environment!


Publish Time:Tuesday, December 22, 2015

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