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Welcome to our World of Warcraft: corps-level preview of the series.

In this entry, we are exploring the Master, in order to find out what is in store in the different categories, so check out the overview.

We will continue to advance our understanding of what are classes, professional design and Master. In these blog, we will explore the class identity, discuss new design Legion, and made specifically for each core combat capability will further strengthen the foundation laid in the talent and heritage. With that in mind, let us study in depth what it means the World of Warcraft Mage.

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Changes in the definition and specification of the overall design, the Master lying contrast, we've talked about in this series of classes so far. Master is compared to a very strong place, the majority of classes, workshops or machinery. There are many differences in the Arcane, Fire and Frost mage, each type of caster in a magical a school, specialized heavy, and each of the three schools has a strong theme and consistent performance. Arcane magic to warp time and space, and to control the flow of magic; Fire Magic released destructive force, spread chaos; frost mitigation and control, developed a devastating blow to the enemy.

We are doing more to foster change existing gameplay for all skill levels and provide quality of life improvements. As a simple example, we call refreshments will now automatically provides you with a pile of food, if you risk your own, or when the squad or team refreshment table.

Publish Time:Friday, November 13, 2015

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