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Solve the problem in medicine RuneScape

Online games are always some game problems due to some wrong or a temporary problem. Recently, RS gold syrup can be quite a hassle, since multiple doses. This is a very hard player. How to solve this annoying problem? We have some solutions.

The same type of stack in a single dose of drug inventory or bank slots. This will lead to fewer banking solution for those who slots, and less clean-up time at all dose levels banks, those of us who do the amount of new medicine balance rose to 4.

It also prevents those players wasted, simply discard the dose of medicament, in order to avoid confusion bank. In addition, it saves inventory confusion and save time discard empty medicine, to avoid accidentally clicked a new medicine, instead of using a portion of consolidating single-click region specific medicine inventory space.

In order to solve the balance problem, syrup may be limited to the maximum quantity of each stack of storage space, and additionally limits for each type of medicine 1 inventory space. Total time allowed in a player's inventory stacked doses, regardless of type, can also be restricted in the copied current inventory system cover medicine dose in 6x28 or not, if you use it as an opportunity to adjust these somewhat artificial restrictions. In both cases, it is possible to balance this function.

Other potential problems may include preventing current syrup containers, bottles, bottles and crystal bottle obsoletion. There are several ways to do this, such as allowing certain vessels in medicine, in order to increase the maximum dose inventory of the stack, or transfer of the benefits equation syrup producers.



Publish Time:Tuesday, November 10, 2015

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