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Raptors challenge the rules in RuneScape

Raptor challenge, the first new high-level monsters have been published in this week. You have not entered the game to complete your daily tasks? If not, you should read our rules Raptor challenge, teach you how to start the game. You must first become a member in RuneScape, and to ensure that triathletes can participate. You just go to the southern port of Sarim Raptor Raptors began to speak challenge. Specific restrictions are listed below.

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Throughout the 11, Raptor will give you a slayer everyday tasks. Distribution enemis by Raptor is the same as those other monsters assignment, and the appropriate level. They also award double killer XP.

Raptor task There are many differences compared to conventional. Raptor transfer requirements from the killer is not social work. The enemy is the preferred assignment can not prevent or used items or guarantee slayer reward points. Damage and affect the accuracy of the killer helmets do the job, but the helmet did not interact with the Raptor gems. Raptor killer tower contract takes precedence; S assign the same biological, pause and Raptor Raptor version of the task can not let you get a special contract.

Raptor Kill not included in the distribution of the daily challenges of the killer, but people do to fight. Raptor assignements not give assurance elite strange rebirth, but can be generated by random spawning elite. Other killers master "pterosaur task to do to ensure the normal spawning elite.

You can have at the same time a Raptor and an ordinary assignment Slayer masters, although these will not be the same enemy. If not alternatves, regularly assigned priority and your job is suspended Raptor.

Once you have completed the task 15 Raptor, you'll get a set of menacing Raptor themed armor. It will have a sadistic twist, improved appearance, slaughtering monster to unlock new advanced.


Publish Time:Friday, November 06, 2015

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