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Get Cheapest RS 3 Gold at Gold4fans & Master Quest Cape Guide for You

Christmas celebrations are well underway RUNESCAPE here, we hope you have entered the festive atmosphere. Last week, the team has given RS RuneScape players some strange gift, this week has an exciting main task appears cloak again. This is more difficult and requires more tasks, for RS players. If you want to challenge yourself, you have to make follow your heart's content. If you feel like buying gold in RuneScape 3, gold4fans is a good RS 3 gold online store for you.

What is the main task of the angle?
In RuneScape team announced, it will take place under the tree main pursuit cloak questioning completionists. But the main task is not to completionist cape or cloak trimmed version requirements. However, this cloak cape does have overlap with those requirements. Master pursuit cloak also hero interface, players can see their progress and cape requirements completionist tab own label.

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What is the main task of Cape Town requirement?
If you want to wear the cloak of the master task, you must complete the following tasks:
Complete all tasks, small tasks and unabridged legend.
Unlock all additional post-quest.
The full story, rich content, such as court cases and the player with the port of sailing.
It comes complete - or - pursuing expansion of content, such as the Temple of hiking.
Get this proved a story of achievement in all the titles, such as Vyrelord or annihilation.
Get items significant story, such as the gilded cabbage SEREN or crest.
Get lore journals.

This is for all RS players, you need to pay more time and effort to achieve and maintain this cloak is a challenge. However, if you have enough courage to have a challenge, I wish you good luck! If you are lacking RS 3 gold medals in the game, gold4fans you can provide the cheapest RS 3 gold medals in five minutes!


Publish Time:Friday, December 11, 2015

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