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Christmas is almost here and Christmas Event 2015 has finally came to Old School.

 After the completion of the activity, you can get amazing rewards, such as two new Santa hat. Christmas activities deadline is January 7, so be sure to do this, remove it until the day before. It is advisable that you buy the cheapest gold RS 2007 RSorder help you compete old school Christmas events 2015 Here are our tips on how to complete the Christmas event in 2015, to make your holiday bonus.

It prompts to complete the Christmas event 2015
Santa started talking event in Fally. Go to Varrock and speak to the roof of the castle anti Sanata, and the vial from the tank and take 4 gift from the table as well. Now, your task is to find the four children in Varrock: one in the record store, one in Varrock center, an arrow in the back shop of the building, a rune shop next to the building. Sanata back on defense and on the use of the vial machine, when all your tears from children. Then you will be taken to return to normal pressies and four children, to keep them happy. After that, back to Fally tell Santa Claus, looking at anti Sanata get cooperation from the rot.
Christmas events 2015 award


After the completion of the activity, you can get your hands on two new santa hat - hat and black hat down Santa Claus! In addition, there are more incentives will be available, like black partyhat, rainbow partyhat like. After the completion of the activity, remember to pick from Diango in Draynor Village rewards! Also be sure to check your bank, you may be "missing" festive items. If you need help RS 2007 gold case you complete the next, you can consider buying the cheapest 2007 RS gold RSorder.

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It can be very easy for you to complete the Christmas activities with the help of our game tips and cheapest RS 07 gold. You see, RSorder provide amazing Christmas spree you. Currently, you can get a 5% discount, RS 07 gold by using the code "OSRS5" on RSorder purchase. Subsequently, you can also enjoy a free bonus of 5% at the same time. Make sure to choose our twin 5% buy the cheapest RS 07 gold.


Publish Time:Friday, December 18, 2015

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