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whether Legacy Mode is exposed to RuneScape!

From my perspective, it isn't really to do with choice or no choice. It's about the sport, and adding another combat system along another simultaniously could only cause issues, both balancing, and future content will be negatively effected. PvP will be in a greater mess than it currently is.Not forgetting the massive chasm it'll create locally being split right down the center.

Think it over. Jagex can't even balance the sport to for example combat system. You may not believe they can take action for a few? At the SAME time!

And let's be honest, Legacy Mode wont resemble old RuneScape. Enemies are wide and varied now, stat systems changes, Armour ratings and weapon tiering, Prayers and Curses, Dual-Wielding and Bosses designed for EoC.The overall game wont be anywhere on the same in Legacy Mode the way it would be a couple years ago.

Don't expect Legacy Mode to take back MeleeScape, playing around in Bandos Armour or Fighter Torso with Dragon Platelegs, a Whip and Dragon Defender. The nostalgia days. Because it wont.

Which is the realistic mindset from somebody who loves PRE-EoC RuneScae. I think adding an additional combat system will on fracture town and future updates. Jmods previously said future content are going to be offer the vote between Legacy and EoC for instance bosses. "Will we design this boss for EoC or Legacy Mode combat" - This is actually the rather thing which often can only create ruin.

Publish Time:Friday, May 29, 2015

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