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We got the information in other site for Runescape players, hope it can help you

We recommend two different places for you to check out in RuneScape. Our favorite is the ape atoll. Currently the island has a lone redwood tree some large free space orbit burn far southwest side. There are 3 Teaks SE side on one or two tracks burnt a cluster. You can also break up the monotony of a small AGIL training, if you can access the ape atoll process. Training these skills together can help you stay motivated in two. You will need a Greegree this work, so you must have at least the beginning of crazy monkeys. You need a knife, if you intend AGIL training as well.

Subsequently, the big BWO Wannai village has a nice combination of teak and mahogany, you can burn up to load in two tracks on the east wall. At least you will only need to pay 100 trading sticky again. You know, cut and presented Teaks in the game absolute fastest WC XP's. You will often be able to find a WC'er who give you all you can burn Teaks search forums. Thanks to the trade restrictions you may actually have, if you want to continue to pay a certain burn this privilege, but we suspect WC'er would mind!

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If you want both the bank, buy, or the United Kingdom to manage your logs, you need a bank has some burns lanes. Here are some options:

- Distance to Varrock, burn it to the bank, the remote to Varrock, repeat. This is the fastest way we know.
- GE.
- Piscatoris fishing colony.
- Bounty Hunter.
- fog.
- Port Phastymas.
- Rogue Biography (Burthorpe).
- Oo'glog.

And many others. It should be noted that many like to buy eucalyptus burning, because they are cheaper worth far less than the yew. Although this is very fast XP to buy and burn, we have tested the cutting and burning eucalyptus levels do not come close to the teak, mahogany. However, if you want to sell to other Firemakers they are pretty good WC Xp and cash


Publish Time:Tuesday, November 24, 2015

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