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Treasure Hunter – New Portable Skill Stations

Stock up on portable skill stations immediately and train with convenience and style.

From 00:00 UTC on 16th July, until 23:59 UTC on 22nd July, win portable packs on Treasure Hunter, which grant you your choice of skill station – including new Fletching, Firemaking and Crafting stations.

Portable skilling stations stack as part of your inventory, may be used in most locations, last for five minutes each, and can use to get a various training purposes by your friends. They give a +10% boost to XP gain while used, and every have a variety of more specific benefits:

Portable Fletcher

10% possibility to save logs while making bows or crossbows
10% possible opportunity to string two bows or crossbows at one time for no additional cost
10% possiblity to save feathers, arrowheads and headless arrows while making bolts or arrows, including Ascension shards and broad arrows
Portable Brazier

Counts keep in mind finding the most of players burning logs thereon continually. The XP boosts until this gives is cumulative using the 10% - giving a complete of +15% XP!
Imparts a 5% life point boost for 82 minutes from any single log added
10% chance to save a log while burning
Works extremely well for cremation, if unlocked, and imparts identical XP boost to the Firemaking XP
Portable Crafter

Craft hides - 10% possibility to save hides
Clay - 10% possible opportunity to save clay
Gem cutting - 5% chance to save gems, excluding hydrix and onyx
Tan hides - same cost to be a standard tannery
Stock now and revel in hearty, convenient skilling gains. Enjoy, and inform us if you agree!

The RuneScape Team

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Publish Time:Thursday, July 16, 2015

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