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The memories of runescape

" From the stepping tutorial island with wooden shield, sword, 50 gp and bronze equipment, and feeling sooo excited! Also the 1st time I walked thru the gate to beautiful Taverly. Now I purchase so down, so much destruction my personal favorite places are demolished. Not really fun anymore. Only play because I will be so near farming cape, regardless of whether capes mean nothing anymore, still matters in my experience."

"People say bingo stop being fun or who's seems as if all of those other games on the market. It's fun for anyone who is not constantly complaining over it not fun.The looks changed because tell the truth, could you still play if this appeared as if it did in classic? Probably not. Most of the people complaining would be complaining that this graphics suck and need to get updated, haha!I remember grinding all day at a stretch for getting 99 Thieving and wearing my untrimmed cape around such as a boss.  several years of playing but still going strong!"

"I'd been section of Devious Mud beta program, though I like the pre-eoc servers. Hell, even the pre-ge times were great, about to world 2 was obviously a beast though, trying to decipher who's selling or buying what."

"Going messing around with friends way back, doing quests and seeing that this game got a growing number of "fancy".. eventually just playing as with other day, then *BOOM* fancy update appeared.But some tips i remember above all would be the endless hours i oftentimes tried, killing lesser demons back before EoC"

" I remember if the boogey bow was F2P. Full rune costs around ~180k gp. Holiday events that's entirely F2P, everyone got every one of the possible rewards from using it. The old dance emote. The old armor looks using the plumes. Muddy key would have been a myth who's are expensive. That Jagex said Runescape 2 can be FREE, there happens to be Runescape 3 for F2P and P2P and Runescape 2(Old school) is for P2P."

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Publish Time:Thursday, June 25, 2015

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