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The Summer Beach Party

The Summer Beach Party is hotly going on, making Lumbridge Crater the place to be until the end of August!


Go to the beach party and take a look around. Oahu is the ideal spot to relax together with your friends, join in your favourite D&Ds via the portal hub, and enjoy some sun -soaked activities – plus acquire some unique rewards.

Fight Clawdia: At 45 past every hour, killer crustacean Clawdia will spawn with the  crater in the center of the beach party. Her damage scales for your life points, so  everyone is able to join in and help drive her back.
Build sandcastles: Follow the clues given to you through the nearby visitors and build the proper castles for Construction XP.
Fish at the rock pools: Cast a line, relax and acquire some Fishing XP if you are at  it. Disappear the fish in the barbecues for added XP.
Bust your barbecue: Hit the barbecue stands and earn Cooking XP.
Pick coconuts: Gather coconuts in the palms for Farming XP, then deposit them  at the coconut shy for extra XP.
Try the coconut shy: Try out your skill on the coconut shy and earn Ranged XP.
More activities are coming over the next few weeks. Observe what is the news!

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Publish Time:Wednesday, July 29, 2015

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