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Spend Summer in RuneScape on the path to Elf City

Get hold of a special Summer Special membership package today. Escape over 25% on a few months' membership and obtain an XP-boosting aura and amulet to help organize the Elf City launch!

The Enlightenment Aura grants which you double XP boost for two hours hebdomadally throughout June, July and August! Even once summer's over, the aura's yours forever - and as long as you're member later on summers, you will get the same bonus then.runescape gold

You'll also find the Crystal Amulet: an elven artefact which gives you daily XP on the skills required for the Elf City. It'll also enable you to collect elven resources before the gates of Prifddinas open.

Note that Gold Premier Club members and people individuals who've held 12 consecutive months of membership - currently - could possibly get the aura and amulet automatically, at no additional cost. Without them immediately, don't worry - we'll be adding them for anyone shortly.

Publish Time:Thursday, April 30, 2015

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