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Regarding the Elf City Design Document

"Looks gorgeous. Will you guys model a few of the things in Maya? After all case gorgeous. We would adore to see behind the scenes."

" Oh God, the sheer importance of the rewards for the crystal motherlode shards! So glad I've already gotten 132 ones and find the remaining Summer to obtain additional. I'm destined to be rich! (maybe)"runescape gold

"Honestly, aspects of this are pretty dope. I believe all of you can have put more thought into your outfits for all are solution to similar. The degree and costs are fairly decent with the game is simple for getting money and gain levels execute with the xp and drop rates undoubtedly are a little high still. Other then so it looks great, cant wait to have a computer again so we could play"

"Although its not all that peculiar for a person to become wrongfully banned on runescape so your guess was bound to receive a hit."

"We would love to play this but I bought banned after I was hacked. Ive sent 5 appeals and emails to jagex. With noresponse over the past year. Is there anyway it is possible to help me please. Im willing to pip out back Ive had that account for like decade."

"I can't even care about elf city. i just wanna go forward to inventor skill and legacy we are beyond hyped for all two. but i truly do say elf city might be a great update not my taste keep it up jagex your doing good!"

Publish Time:Wednesday, May 13, 2015

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