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Random Event Rework Complete

Individuals at Runescape have announced they may have completed their overhaul of the game's random event system.

    We now have just completed a wide rework of the random events system that could bring changes for members and non-members alike. RuneScape gold. We've retired a number of the older random events from active service, overhauled others, and rewritten the rewards for up to every surviving event. We've also changed the interest rate when you will get random events, generating it possible for all players to get every one of the events whether or not they don't do those activities which can be typically linked to them. So perhaps you'll be able to meet Cap'n Arnav or perhaps the Bee-keeper in my ballet shoes...

    Once you successfully complete a random event you will easily be given a random event gift box, that could contain a collection of rewards available. The reward options are randomised, but players with higher skill totals will most likely be provided better rewards, particularly when these people have a record of passing random events. Any frog tokens you've got will probably be replaced automatically with random event gift boxes, and your broken axes and pickaxes are going to be automatically repaired (unless you've only got the handle, in which particular case they'll be deleted).

Publish Time:Monday, June 08, 2015

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