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Patch Week | Solomon shops - charismatic

This week's edition is a quiet one, we want you to know why.

We originally planned to release the latest player this week in pursuit of light - with the massive expansion of the ancient curses and magic, will open up a whole new way to play a high level game.
Late last week, we did a week decided to postpone the release of the pursuit. If we are ahead of the original plan, it will not meet the high standards required for such a complex, eagerly awaited piece of content - especially those with far
the impact of high-level games and other areas reaching on.
Simply put, we prefer to take one week to the content of polish and quality you deserve, rather than take it out before it was ready.
We're trying to make the lamp up to standard. In the meantime, see the patch notes for more information today amendments and adjustments, and read the details of Solomon's epic addition to this week's storage and real-time streaming media schedule.
Please accept our apologies delay, and any disappointment this may have caused. Update next week is set to be a lie, and the inner light, the action bar and triathlon plurality of pieces of the screen stroke ability Asahi and completionist cape. We hope you will agree that it is worth the wait!

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Publish Time:Wednesday, August 19, 2015

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