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New Pets and Floor Skipping
Also in stock at the reward trader are three new pets: tinier, friendlier versions of three iconic Daemonheim monsters:Frosty the baby frost dragon requires 85 Dungeoneering and 99 Summoning, so you have to have entered the Frost Dragon Resource Dungeon before.Mini-Blink requires one to have defeate...
Publish Time:05/05/2015
Spend Summer in RuneScape on the path to Elf City
Get hold of a special Summer Special membership package today. Escape over 25% on a few months membership and obtain an XP-boosting aura and amulet to help organize the Elf City launch!The Enlightenment Aura grants which you double XP boost for two hours hebdomadally throughout June, July and August...
Publish Time:04/30/2015
Prawn Rewards
Since you fish, youll occasionally receive prawn balls or prawn crackers, which can be opened for a few fantastically fishy rewards. Prawn balls are opened solo, while prawn crackers are opened with a friend for a reward each.Opening one grants which you reward coming from a special drop table, cons...
Publish Time:04/21/2015
Players' Gallery – Join up!
The RuneScape Players Gallery is really a monthly showcase of awesome artwork through the community, which you could enjoy some good art and your personal creative mind on the test.This time, wed like someone to capture Gielinors raw pure beauty using a Natures Takeover theme.runescape goldWith spri...
Publish Time:04/17/2015
Mini-Games Updated
The Barbarian Assault minigame has brought a smaller update today. Whoever has been successfully defeating the vile Penance creatures will be pleased to hear that Commander Connad is actually offering even greater rewards than before for anybody who feels brave enough to risk their points in the hi...
Publish Time:04/14/2015
Treasure Hunter – Pulse Cores
Earn pulse cores on Treasure Hunter this weekend and help your mates with stackable XP buffs.Which is available from 00:00 UTC on 10th April it’s an easy way to suit your needs along with your friends to learn from skilling together.Pulse cores stack with your inventory or your wallet slot, with eac...
Publish Time:04/10/2015
First 6th Age Quest Released
Runescape 3 players will definitely want to scan through the sport to see a world event using the first quest of the 6th Age released in to the game.RuneScape gold. Sir Owen will be featured prominently in this particular inaugural quest called "The Death of Chivalry". Sent over a mis...
Publish Time:04/08/2015
Easter Eggs-periments – Holiday Mini-Quest
Easter Eggs-periments marks the return of the traditional holiday mini-quest. Free players and members alike may help the Easter Bunny expectorate a factory brimming with troublesome imps...with a couple unorthodox methods.Guthixian butterflies are back by popular demand, too, for regular and Ironma...
Publish Time:04/03/2015
Guthixian Butterflies
Guthixian butterflies are back, fluttering throughout Gielinor.RuneScape members – regular and Ironman alike – can earn hearty amounts of XP inside their lowest-levelled skills by making up ground to 20 butterflies daily.Catching butterflies could also restore your run energy, or your prayer, life o...
Publish Time:03/31/2015
Shark Attack – New Fishing Outfits
For the first three days, among the outfits will entirely on Treasure Hunter. About the latter days, you can win any of the three outfits.Be aware that times run from 00:00 UTC to 23:59 UTC on each given day.runescape gold 26th March: Shark Outfit 27th March: Galeocerdo cuvieri Outfit 28th ...
Publish Time:03/27/2015

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