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Community Corner – June
Were back with this pick in the community news for June! Stay with me to discover more about videos, streams, events, and some awesome clan and fan site news! Plus, keep reading on your possible opportunity to win some signed concept art!Videos & Live StreamsUrgnt Justice accepted the airwaves...
Publish Time:06/19/2015
Clan Celebration Month
The RuneScape dev team has announced that this official Clan Celebration Month is actually arrived through April 3rd. RuneScape gold. Devs are promising monthly stuffed with adventures to focus on the most effective issues with the clan system also to shine the spotlight within the large variety of ...
Publish Time:06/16/2015
Adamant & Rune Dragons
Also from RuneLabs include the mighty adamant and rune dragons - as proposed by Dragonforcae!Addy dragons is found deep inside Brimhaven Dungeon, and are also a significantly tougher that their mithril cousins. They drop bars, naturally, and several new bones too!Rune dragons are definitely the ki...
Publish Time:06/10/2015
Random Event Rework Complete
Individuals at Runescape have announced they may have completed their overhaul of the games random event system. We now have just completed a wide rework of the random events system that could bring changes for members and non-members alike. RuneScape gold. Weve retired a number of the older rand...
Publish Time:06/08/2015
New Treasure Hunter promotion!
I already knew until i thought this was planning to certainly be a Treasure Hunter promotion. I used to be okay in order to.But unlike last, that you are seriously cramming the "BUY BUY BUY" aspect down our throats. I logged in right now to uncover that one could only get 160 daily through...
Publish Time:06/02/2015
whether Legacy Mode is exposed to RuneScape!
From my perspective, it isnt really to do with choice or no choice. Its about the sport, and adding another combat system along another simultaniously could only cause issues, both balancing, and future content will be negatively effected. PvP will be in a greater mess than it currently is.Not forge...
Publish Time:05/29/2015
Winter months Wolves will likely be leaving RuneScape as well as other news!
At first we ought to admit that both Wolves depend on Nordic Mythology. Whenever you can obtain a more accurate picture of what they have to actually look like, then let Jagex know.Hati and Skoll are always good fun to fight (however the bonfire is really a pain when soloing for Skoll), great bonus ...
Publish Time:05/25/2015
Decorate your Pet
"I figured this will get a faster response than looking into forum page, and I hate for taking your time, but I assume I broke a rule and i am i didnt because I used to be only on for five minutes selling rune chain body. Also once i logged on some of my stuff vanished I was thinking I became h...
Publish Time:05/18/2015
Regarding the Elf City Design Document
"Looks gorgeous. Will you guys model a few of the things in Maya? After all case gorgeous. We would adore to see behind the scenes."" Oh God, the sheer importance of the rewards for the crystal motherlode shards! So glad Ive already gotten 132 ones and find the remaining Summer to obt...
Publish Time:05/13/2015
New Pets and Floor Skipping
Also in store for the reward trader are three new pets: tinier, friendlier versions of three iconic Daemonheim monsters:Frosty the little one frost dragon requires 85 Dungeoneering and 99 Summoning, and you will need to have entered the Frost Dragon Resource Dungeon before.Mini-Blink requires you to...
Publish Time:05/08/2015

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