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Delete the Cerberus scroll before you need to update
As we mentioned in front of the boss Cerberus, will meet all the old school RuneScape players in a few days later. This is a great event in 07 rivers and lakes. And Jagex just confirmed that the flow in the transfer scroll will be added to the Cerberus. However, many players do not think it is a wis...
Publish Time:08/28/2015
RS great game player recommended content
Were back with a new proposal called gold Tenebra children in RuneScape game content for you. I heard that there are creative ideas, when we feel so good. So here we give the details. Explanation:"Mouth twisted limbs and hunger. Things have three heads, some with none. Raging beast who beat him...
Publish Time:08/26/2015
Runescape Need A Healing Role
All your players in RuneScape feel the same? RuneScape need healing in. A long time has been short therapeutic effect in RuneScape gold, though. Therefore, we recommend updating RS healing.We have other magic cure, but in many cases, it is not reasonable method of healing. It takes time to roadblock...
Publish Time:08/21/2015
Patch Week | Solomon shops - charismatic
This weeks edition is a quiet one, we want you to know why.We originally planned to release the latest player this week in pursuit of light - with the massive expansion of the ancient curses and magic, will open up a whole new way to play a high level game.Late last week, we did a week decided to po...
Publish Time:08/19/2015
Features of Cerberus Boots in Old School
1. All 3 crystals from Cerberus and boots are tradable, whether or not therere infused. But until recently, there isnt a specific around the expense of Cerberus boots.2. The Eternal, Pegasian and Primordial boots require 75 defence and magic, ranged and strength respectively.3. These boots would re...
Publish Time:08/14/2015
Skill Sailing Confirmed to discharge in RS 2007 Next Year after Poll
Are you busy farming Jad Pet now? Wait 60 seconds or so, and sailing for the oceans of Gielinor is at development and will be released as being a skill next year. It really is announced that this skill will permit players never to only make a ship, but additionally explore the random and unknown wor...
Publish Time:08/12/2015
Blessed 2007 Runescape dragonhide armour
Blessed dragonhide armour is a form of Ranged armour. Players need level 70 Ranged and level 40 Defence to put on the armour. While this armour can not be made with all the Crafting skill, players can acquire it from level 3 treasure trails or purchase it from other players. The armour has the sa...
Publish Time:08/07/2015
Join Death Lotus Training this month
Imagine yourself is a ninja-like assassin. Are you confident in your deadly skills? Have a try at Death Lotus Training, later this month.At first, youll get your Death Lotus Scroll by openning Treasure Hunter which shows a 4x4 grid of lethal feats of stealth, cunning and skill. And the difficulty wi...
Publish Time:08/05/2015
Big Cats and WWF
Assist in saving the important cats of Gielinor and grab some in game big cat toys - raising knowing of the plight these endangered animals, in partnership with WWF. You are able to lend additional aide by talking to the WWF Conservationist found in the Grand Exchange. They may take one to the locat...
Publish Time:07/31/2015
The Summer Beach Party
The Summer Beach Party is hotly going on, making Lumbridge Crater the place to be until the end of August!ActivitiesGo to the beach party and take a look around. Oahu is the ideal spot to relax together with your friends, join in your favourite D&Ds via the portal hub, and enjoy some sun -soaked...
Publish Time:07/29/2015

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