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RuneFest | 2016 year update
This article describes the Defense Department and the 2016 Mark Osbornes speech DoD updates in RuneFest on October 3, 2015 set.Hello everyone, welcome to the big reveal in 2016!On behalf of everyone at Jagex, thank you very much to be part of the wonderful world of RUNESCAPE. Although we get energiz...
Publish Time:10/16/2015
Rewards recommended RuneScape Death helmet
We propose a new award from the dead, reaper helmet because we have not lifted our hope in RS gold from it. Do you want to see the new fall?Soul Reaper, or boss slayer has been out just over a year, which is the daily lot of players like D & D. Who does not love with the slayer domineering mix? ...
Publish Time:10/14/2015
Treasure Hunter | Corrupted Chests
Draw night, Halloween on the horizon, things are getting dark for treasure hunters - time, damage the wardrobe!From 00:00 UTC (game time) October 1 to 23:59 UTC on October 5, youll see an ominous-looking interface on top of a treasure hunt charging it. By using a key from Skilling or game, or a comb...
Publish Time:10/10/2015
BTS Video | DarkScape
September 16, we launched DarkScape unsuspecting world. More than one week, and the team has been hard at work - cutting the rough brawler into a lean, mean machine PvP.rs 07 accounts Ministry of Defence Conor is here to give you some extra insight DarkScape, how it is developed, what is in store fo...
Publish Time:09/30/2015
Guided play Darkscape get more Darkscape gold fast
Recently, Jagex released RUNESCAPE change is called DarkScape. In DarkScape, you have to start from scratch, ready to have fun in this game? You see, Darkscape gold in this game is extremely important. So it is very necessary that you know where I can earn more Darkscape gold Darkscape. A simple way...
Publish Time:09/24/2015
How to play safely in the dead man mode and get more gold in RuneScape 07
Deadmen mode is coming, are you ready to meet new challenges? You must have heard, Deadmen model will be quite challenging. Have you ever tried to figure out how to stay alive, and get more gold RS 07 Deadmen mode when you play in? Maybe you should always be vigilant, under Deadmen mode, you also ne...
Publish Time:09/22/2015
Notes for Patch 6.2.2a
rs 07 accounts World of Warcraft Patch 6.2.2a, Build 20490Updated: September 15, 2015.Bug FixesFixed a problem with Bladestorm an animated, influence dwarf warrior.Fixed some archaeological excavations take a strange shape, and did not complete stop their problems.
Publish Time:09/16/2015
Treasure Hunter – Starfury Armour
Grab some outside of this world starfury armored treasure hunters this weekend.From 00:00 UTC on September 10, until 23:59 UTC September 15, gathering process and upgrade three sets of armor items - each fighting style - from treasure hunters, mining and trade.They can be increased to 70, they do no...
Publish Time:09/11/2015
Kill Commander Zilyana to get Saradomin light or purchase it OSRS gold
Old school in RuneScape latest update brings new features and Saradomin boar light old classmate in RuneScape players. Barros feature allows you to tunnel enforcement officers more enjoyable, and Saradomin light can help you see through the darkness of evil hate Zamorak. It seems, Saradomin light mo...
Publish Time:09/09/2015
What is behind the article?
Behind the scenes is a sneak peek, we hope to launch in the coming months planned game updates.rs 07 accounts However, this is only a plan - not a promise - in particular update will be released in a particular manner or at a particular time. For as fast as possible to get your best quality update, ...
Publish Time:09/02/2015

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