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A number of updates are actually meant to existing content related  Dimension of Disaster:

        Silverlight and Darklight are actually graphically updated.
        The Shield of Arrav have been graphically updated.
        Silverlight's and Darklight's bonuses now affect more forms of  demons, including imps, gargoyles, hellhounds, demon spawn, blood runescape gold reavers, Kal'gerion demons, nechryael, waterfiends and icefiends.
        Decoder strips is now dragged and dropped in interface  during Curse of Arrav and Ritual in the Mahjarrat.
        Denath's cultists in Demon Slayer at the moment are wearing a fresh robe  design.
        The Varrock newspaper have been updated.
        Resetting Defender of Varrock and Curse of Arrav by talking with  Nastroth may also reset progress in Dimension of Disaster.
    The Community Team is going to be showcasing the 200th quest to all its  glory this night. Tune into our Twitch channel between 18:00 and  19:00 UTC (game time) to look at, in order to discover how you will get  involved in Questival immediately!

Publish Time:Tuesday, March 24, 2015

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