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New Treasure Hunter promotion!

I already knew until i thought this was planning to certainly be a Treasure Hunter promotion. I used to be okay in order to.

But unlike last, that you are seriously cramming the "BUY BUY BUY" aspect down our throats. I logged in right now to uncover that one could only get 160 daily through  skilling. Just in case you have even that, because the drops with the youngsters are so incredibly low.

As an alternative to only is he reduced skill drops, there're lower finished . what you're doing a suggestion for, the Treasure Hunter itself! You'd think it will be slightly  quicker to obtain keys from that, but no. I did 13 keys within the bank (10 from questing and 3 daily), and away from those 13 I only got 500 notes. Would you expect website visitors to  get all the rewards? They're struggle to. Unless there're buying more keys.runescape gold

Really, I do not complain in case you guys do updates for Solomon's, or in the event you wasted time and expense creating Treasure Hunter.Nevertheless just for this being the "Year with the  Player", you merely took a massive dump for people.

There really will not so many Treasure Hunter updates, it will eventually just get badly of any reputation as Squeal. Solomon's updates are fine merely because don't add advantage  in-game, but you'll find videos about how precisely much exp people could possibly get using this, for holidays too? I miss purchasing where holidays didn't possess a price, then we did an incredible event for the children instead.

Publish Time:Tuesday, June 02, 2015

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