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New Pets and Floor Skipping

Also in store for the reward trader are three new pets: tinier, friendlier versions of three iconic Daemonheim monsters:

Frosty the little one frost dragon requires 85 Dungeoneering and 99 Summoning, and you will need to have entered the Frost Dragon Resource Dungeon before.
Mini-Blink requires you to definitely have defeated Blink himself, and 95 Dungeoneering.
Finally, to acquire desperation Nibbler, you might want defeated anticipation Devourer and possess 101 Dungeoneering.
To help you find space on your new friends, we've also increased the ideal capacity on the player-owned house menagerie by any means tiers - up to 25, with the highest tier.

In case you are a high-level player planning to incresase your dungeon delving, you'll without doubt benefit from the ability to skip floors for Dungeoneering tokens.

Open a fresh interface, accessible via the rewards trader, and opt for the floors you wish to skip.

Realize that it is with a per-player, per-run basis.runescape gold

Publish Time:Friday, May 08, 2015

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