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In RuneScape abyss boss portal

We run our proposal today, we must say that this is the idea from Priester Leo, posted on the RuneScape forums. We found more RS gold players, this very interesting and would like to share. Then, you should read carefully.

Now, in the day deep sea slayer tower portal has weakened, and now you can venture into. Enter the portal will teleport you to where the depth of the abyss king lurking in the dark abyss. King, it is surrounded by the minions, will be a tough challenge, but the right skills, it might be possible.

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You can enter a second layer runs in slayer tower, it angered the king do more harm or dive from the top floor, sneaking past the king did not irritate it fights.

The first stage is more of a presentation to the boss. He will not do too much in addition to standard attacks. In healthy in the first half, he will have his first slave, 4 weak deep-walkers. The Pacers will drop soul essence, it would be useful later. As long as any soldier is still alive, the king can not play.

Once the Pacers are dead, continue to attack the king, until he have 0 horsepower. At this point, the king will teleport to the second phase, the portal weakened. Whether it is a 10% jump directly to the portal angered the king, or use the portal on the nature of your soul more weaken it, and allowed to pass without further enragement.

In Phase 2, the king will get a special attacks: Teleport. Like deep sea demon king can teleport, but because of his size, he needs time to do it. When he began his animation position to teleport will be set for you, if you do not timely transfer, he will end up below you and cause bleeding injuries.

In healthy in the first half, he again spawning minions, althougnh rather than weak Indiana, he will produce 2 deep magic this time. Kill the devil, whether slayer, or by using the stage began to lay eggs deep sea essence. If you use cream, but you will not get the soul essence weaken portal. Reduce the king's health to zero, and transferred to the third stage.


Publish Time:Wednesday, October 21, 2015

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