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Pick up your swords, bows and wands. Revolution can be used!

"When they remove the micro transactions you're so averse to for no reason other than  they r bad n they support teh rong rather geyming n i fink dey r bad bcuz sum guy on  utube sed so

their budget will -massively- drop, and the quality of updates will decrease. Then,  you should have something a lot more critical to complain about.
Dont like them, dont have used them. Simple as."

To repond for this,some player declared :"How about you revolutionise it but giving  players what they already want. i.e, retrieve '12 RS. But whatever Elder Scrolls Online  equates soon = goodbye to all competition. Not too you would ever pose any kind  a threat. Jagex who??? Couple of muppets. People played RS as it would be a different  combat interface in the standard MMO. You destroyed yourselves by wanting to jump on  this rock band wagon using a sub-par interface, along with your OWN COMMUNITY said to not,  countless times, through protests/forums/tickets/Facebook.. Whatever guys I enjoyed my  time 03-12. At the beginning it felt such as a community, now it is just a money grabbing  scheme. Should've been content with the experience this is."

" enjoy EoC and this also just can make it best of all. My only complaint is the combat  is clunky, but My business is prepared look past that seeing as all of you listen to  town and bust your tail at making changes. I'm awaiting future  updates!"

I know dont worry about revolution i will try it out on weaker things when dont feel as if doing anything which can be rarely but my only complaint with update may be the huge  nerf on devotion its basically useless now but u know ill admit in pvp was little op  but now its got longer cd than ults and lasts only 5 seconds you bet are u suppose to acquire bunch kills in 5 second intervals? and they virtually made lunar heal useless  again.

Publish Time:Wednesday, June 24, 2015

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