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Delete the Cerberus scroll before you need to update

As we mentioned in front of the boss Cerberus, will meet all the old school RuneScape players in a few days later. This is a great event in 07 rivers and lakes. And Jagex just confirmed that the flow in the transfer scroll will be added to the Cerberus.

However, many players do not think it is a wise decision that they want to add to the without considering the transfer of scrolls to the Cerberus.

Why Jagex adds the transfer scroll Cerberus?
They will only work, so it has a limit on the direct distance.
Telescroll no, they are not too common. As a matter of fact, the players do their job to get the job. But for many players, they still need to get more than 70 agility close to the boss. So the quick way is not really going to depreciate.
If you get a high rate of delivery, some players, the other players are more happy and more opportunities to get the transfer scroll.

Why do we want to remove the from the Cerberus to add a scroll to the scroll to the Cerberus without the need for these scrolls are made so many other things have become obsolete. They can even destroy this game, if there is any instant transfer to the game in all.

Even though the Cerberus scroll is not available to trade infrequently, it is a completely different boss to send the scroll, and absolutely no need for it. Most players take the time and the river's 2007 gold to get Cerberus.
There's always someone who gets the boss on the reel, so if there is anything, the players will always be less incentive to get the boss to get a quick. The man who is reluctant to do the boss will find it is not worth the agility. Add transport scrolls to the Cerberus80 + quick shortcut.

Perhaps there is no point in the discussion here, but if such a game can be more interesting without the transfer of the scrolls to the Cerberus. Players will try to get more gold games so they become more powerful if not sent to the Cerberus. If you Just in the RS 07 gold, you can buy gold cheap $10.

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Publish Time:Friday, August 28, 2015

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