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Decorate your Pet

"I figured this will get a faster response than looking into forum page, and I hate for taking your time, but I assume I broke a rule and i am i didn't because I used to be only on for five minutes selling rune chain body. Also once i logged on some of my stuff vanished I was thinking I became hacked but I was muted for breaking a rule I reckon that... Again sorry for taking on this occasion away but I did to say something to you personally guys.

And something to settle for the post I prefer how the cat put a lot of effort into having the 99 in slayer way cool!"

" I don't want to ever put a 'phat' over a cat like a hat. Party hats are only rare, therefore valuable. Honestly I'm sure there're useless and hideous using a pet or maybe a character in game. IMO!!"

" I do not possess a pet anymore but was wondering should anyone ever do a post about food art RuneScape theme? I am a chocolate artist  i make marshmallow pop's& cake pops. We do hope you do soon!"

" To start we all need to seal up about "bring back xx-scape" its getting auld langsyne are changing and so are the games we love, discover how to love the sport we've, yes i disliked EOC in the beginning the good news is i favor it more then old combat so must change using the Times like any devices!

Now with that taken care of

Mod Slayer you kitty is freaking awesome, i wish istill had mine  RIP squirt"runescape gold

Publish Time:Monday, May 18, 2015

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