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" Well for the individuals who don't like eoc because obviously they don't really develop the brain capacity to understand how to put abilities on a bar and press them on the keyboard often there is old skool for you personally idiots now stop moaning its getting boring and has been heard more times than your cry baby know it!"

"A lot of the combat looking armour on solomans happens to be added into the game to complete the much needed armour gap between levels. Such a shame.But exactly how would Jagex still be capable to afford it's staff free gym membership when content assumes the overall game as if it accustomed to? I just read that 5 new quests arrived in 2013.just 5. An archive low. The amount content got updated within the solomons store I wonder."buy runescape gold

"you people keep having an increasing number of updates with the game but i havent seen significantly progress inside html5 beta , and i also get booted from it every time i log on, i dont even get through to the game screen before it boots me. kinda sucks i cant play."

"I loved it runesxape is dying. Risky sharky's channel has it. It made some excellent points about how Jagex focuses an excessive amount of on these updates and crap. He could've added in how Jagex just completely ignores player problems as opposed to focusing soul on point, nevertheless, he states runescape now fails in comparison with 04-06 because Jagex keeps adding updates that only satisfy a few people for some hours and keeps on ignoring the actual problems in the game."

Publish Time:Friday, February 13, 2015

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