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Buy Runescape 2007 Deadman Mode Gold after Death Mechanic Changes in Game

Death in the dead mode is no joke. You will lose almost all of the dead valuables and XP in the game. This makes the demand for gold high RuneScape 2007 models of the deceased. After the launch of the dead model, old school team has made some changes to the game mechanics of death. However, it is still very necessary in order to have enough gold rupees 2007 dead banks, to ensure that you can fully enjoy the game. The following are some of the deceased death mechanic change mode.

Reduce suicide inside the guard area
If you die skeleton of a guard area, you now will lose 10% of your experience, skills in a protected, in addition to the loss of existing projects and XP, if you die without a skull inside, you will not lose any experience, skills in protected guarded area. In order to reduce suicide guarded area, suiciders "key to hit the ground, if suicider attack players kill the player. In addition, suiciders who have been attacked by the guard picked up a key and can not.

Experience unskulled playersDeath mechanical changes to reduce the dead mode loss
Dead players will lose 50 percent of their XP, as long as the player died. However, the old school team so who is PKed lowered from 50% to 25% by the unskulled player, but skulled player who died still lost a full 50 percent loss experience. And now, the player who is an NPC death, and skulled or kill another player will lose 50% of their experience, and access to the players who are PKed unskulled now lost 25 percent of unprotected skills experience, rather than the dead mode at 50%.

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To protect Hitpoint statistical HP Insurance
You can protect 2 combat skills and three non-combat skills. Now, dead players are able to buy life insurance has reached 25 in the value of life. This helps ensure that the statistical value of life players, to ensure that it does not fall below a certain level, when you die in the way the dead. These are one-time payments. Green does not offer refunds for her safety, because she is not intended to serve as a coin store. If you need RS 07 dead gold, you can buy cheap RS Gold RSorder dead at any time.

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Publish Time:Friday, December 04, 2015

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