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Big Cats and WWF

Assist in saving the important cats of Gielinor and grab some in game big cat toys - raising knowing of the plight these endangered animals, in partnership with WWF. You are able to lend additional aide by talking to the WWF Conservationist found in the Grand Exchange. They may take one to the location from the big cats where one can do your bit that can help restore the habitat.

For each and every habitat that you help restore you may receive a cat toy. There's a total of four years old toys earned through 4 activities (2 available in free-to-play):
Panthera uncia
Lion (members only)
Amur leopard (members only)
You may also talk to the Conservationist to donate to WWF using Bonds. For each Bond given to the Conservationist through July 23rd-August 20th, Jagex will donate leastways £2.85 to WWF in support of their global conservation effort. Sign up and give generously above the next couple weeks, and tell your friends about it fantastic cause.

Visit WWF's website, too, and discover a little more about awe-inspiring work they do to protect by far the endangered species.

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Publish Time:Friday, July 31, 2015

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