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Adamant & Rune Dragons

Also from RuneLabs include the mighty adamant and rune dragons - as proposed by  Dragonforcae!

Addy dragons is found deep inside Brimhaven Dungeon, and are also a significantly  tougher that their mithril cousins. They drop bars, naturally, and several new bones too!

Rune dragons are definitely the kings on this update, though, worthy of their rune  title. They survive Kethsi - accessible through the World Gate - and require completing  Ritual on the Mahjarrat and Fate with the Gods to access.

You need to shatter their rune plating first using dragonbane, then look for methods to  cope with their aerial attacks and increasingly damaging dragonfire. Some of the rune  dragons are much more powerful elite versions, with even tastier drop tables.

Rewards include components to add to glacor boots, make new tier 90 power boots for  all combat styles. There's can be a cosmetic Kethsi outfit, as well as a Kethsi ring that gives useful damage boosts and teleports for dragon slayers.

Hidden murals in the dungeons can unlock new dragonkin lore and chunks of  Firemaking XP. You will also see adamant dragons within the Rush of Blood Slayer D&D.

There'll be a young Bird Bonus for the first fourteen days, too: increased spawn rates coming from all dragons, such as the elites.

Publish Time:Wednesday, June 10, 2015

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